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Photo Spot  

We love photography!

And if you like it as much as we do, you will absolutely love PhotoSpot.
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PhotoSpot is a tool that helps photographers all around the globe share their favorite shooting spots.
It's a multilingual Geo-location based app that absolutely changes the way you search for, share and give opinions about your favorite places to take photos.


PhotoSpot is a perfect partner for those who just can't go places without their cameras, but who have little time to investigate shooting spots.

Just imagine you are in a foreign country and you have a day or two to simply drive around the country, take photos of some views, or make some nice looking portraits with some really cool mountains in the background - in some cases you'd have to spend at least a day to get directions to those places. But not with PhotoSpot!

Just launch it and enjoy the detailed descriptions of the shooting places around you - descriptions that include ratings, example photographs and comments of other photographers.

Upload your Photos

We bet you know some great shooting spots! Share them with other photographers and upload photos you've taken there. It's all about sharing!'

View the Spot

Check out the spot you like! Get all the reviews, likes and even photos taken at a spot - see if it fits your Idea and then go and shoot it! You can add your photos and comments to an existing Spot.


Don't like to browse and want to be more specific about what you're looking for? Go ahead and test out our unique tagging system - find that road that aligns along the sun at sunset, or that standalone tree in an infinite field of gold, or that astonishing mountain-lake view that's absolutely perfect for both meditation and making breathtaking portraits! Just name it!

PhotoSpot tagging system allows you to search for tags in your own language, no matter who added a place to PhotoSpot - we managed to solve the language issue for you!


Oh, and by the way. One of the best things about PhotoSpot is that you can share your favorite spots too! Geo-tag your photos not only for the record, but for sharing that great place with anybody who is as enthusiastic about photography as you are!