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Our Interests

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Based on our projects and our professional directions, our priorities are:

  • mBusiness – mobile applications for any business environment. Automation of services and processes both external and internal. Starting from simple applications: schedulers, organizers, etc. to more complex and distributed, like for example – a concept of so- called «virtual office»
  • mLearning – applications for the education related areas. Mobile technologies have made a global leap, introducing new approach to educational programs, enriching traditional ways of learning with innovations and simplification
  • mHealth – the public health services area is of special interest for us. Nothing should bother mankind today as much, as tomorrow's wellbeing. And it is highly dependent on responsible and in-time approach to healthcare. Automation and optimization of the processes in order to help the hard work of public health service representatives is one of the areas we develop. One of the applications we’ve created has already been presented at a prestigious international contest WSA-Mobile 2010
  • mMedia – today’s society is based on relevant and timely information. With the creation of the Internet the media space gained an opportunity to become international. It lost a centralized censor. Mobile technologies have further simplified society’s access to it. Let us open for you the variety of forms and methods of media access and control with mobile applications. So called crowdsourcing approach in media business has gained strong supporter in the face of widely known global players
  • mTourism – nothing should stop you from having a good and pleasant journey. Mobile technologies can help you check the weather, plan expenses, understand a foreign language, reserve accommodation or a vehicle. It can even remind you on the route you should be taking, not mentioning that it could help make one – you don’t want to miss one of those places of interest, do you? And we bet that a detailed map of restaurants, cafes, cinemas, historical places and so on, can spice up any tourist/traveler application should you add the augmented reality features to it
  • mEntertainment – “smart” mobiles gave a new spin to the entertainment industry. Gaming or social networking - you name it. We can help your ideas come to life