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About Us

We are young, ambitious and disciplined. Each of us is a professional in his area. Our team and our skills make up our value. We have extensive experience in developing and implementing software products of any complexity. We strive to apply the latest and most efficient software development methodologies. And we are succeeding in it.

During our professional career the team has developed the most convenient and flexible operation scheme, which is based on such core paradigm of Agile and Scrum methodologies, such as:

  • Minimization of risks. For both our customers and us. We try to keep the entire development cycle transparent and predictable
  • Working closely with our client. Being involved in the project at the planning stage, our client helps us avoid false interpretations, and himself - to get what he really wants
  • Minimize any written documentation. Direct client communication is our priority. We value the time of our clients
  • We like to focus on what really matters. Technical documentation is of a great importance, of course. And we cannot completely rule it out of the development cycle. But on the other hand, a piece of client software that works and meets all of the requirements - is far more important than any complete documentation
  • High adaptability. Flexibility and attentiveness to each of our clients allows us to quickly respond to change. This even enables us to be ready to make conceptual changes to the product in-between the iterations of development.

We love the positive dynamics. Therefore we highly appreciate the desire to self-improve and raise technical skills in every member of our team. All of this allows us to quickly and accurately complete everything we undertake.